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Wonderla brings you the biggest variety of water rides that are filled with water and lots of fun!! From watery coasters to fun pools to beach like wave pools to a rain disco where you can dance away in the rain to a lazy river to float, you can splash around, as much as you want. Only Reverse Osmosis treated water is used in the pools, which are solar heated during winters.


If all you want is just to wallow in the waters and relax, get yourself a float and drift along the meandering lazy river. It will gently waft you along taking you through a lion’s mouth, under a fallen tree, past an alligator with its mouth agape, and past a gargoyle skull that keeps spewing water through its mouth.

Boomerang is the thrilling water ride that will test rider’s nerves as the float moves into a closed tunnel for a while and suddenly drops from a height into a large boomerang shaped water slide resulting in a repeated to and fro motion.

This is a water slide that takes you down, levels off at mid-way, then takes you down again and after you have reached the bottom, carries you up with the force of your momentum till as far as you’ll go. After you reach the zenith, you slide back to the bottom to finish.

Fun Racers are water slides where you slither down lying prostrate on rubber mats. The downward slide is interspaced with level portions. Fun racers are very enjoyable ride suitable for all age groups.

Uphill Racers are similar to Fun Racers except that instead of level spaces these rides have ups and downs. Uphill racers are very enjoyable ride suitable for all age groups.

These are water slide in which riders sit in rubber rafts and make their way down, negotiating curves and loops on the way, to end up splurging in a shallow pool. Rafts that accommodate one, two or four persons are available. This is a thoroughly enjoyable ride for the whole family.

Twisters are a set of four water slides with tube-like structures that take you through a series of loops to finally disgorge you into a shallow pool of water. These slides are extremely popular with youngsters.

This is a unique water slide where riders move up and down like a pendulum in a wide U shaped slide before coming to a gradual halt.

As the name suggests, rain disco is all about getting wet ‘n’ absolutely wild…. It is a specially created indoor dance floor that gives you a multi-sensorial experience, with 10,000 watts of heart stopping hi-fidelity sound, Psychedelic laser lights, The latest groove, and perfectly choreographed showers of warm water that soak you in absolute dance-bliss! This attraction even features an ‘intelligent rain system’ that moves to music – the only one of its kind in India.

If wave pools don’t catch your fancy, there’s the play pool in which people of all ages can splurge and frolic. These pools have sprayers and sprinklers that douse you with water from all directions. There are structures that children can scramble up and down, a bucket that empties itself when full and little slides that even tiny tots can play with.

If a beach is what Bangalore lacked, Wonderla offers you two, complete with artificial waves and even a lighthouse. The only difference is that the water isn’t salty and you don’t have to be afraid of the sea carrying you away. In winter the pool is heated, so you can wallow in the waters all year round. The smaller of the two pools has shallow waters and tiny waves that children can cope with. The larger one is deeper and the waves can match what you find on any seashore.