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The dry rides at Wonderla comprise state-of-the-art land rides, sky rides and hi-thrill rides.Packed with fun and adventure, these rides are full of surprises- from amazing 3D virtual reality to thrillers that take you on a joyride through twists, turns and sharp curves and hangs you upside down to spins, to rides that take you to dizzying heights of thrill to rides that make you scream and laugh in happiness to India’s biggest musical fountain & Laser show, there’s something for everyone here!!


Experience XD MAX, a state-of-the-art ride that seamlessly combines a 3D film with physical and environmental effects, in an air-conditioned theatre with 180 seats. Visitors can experience movement under their feet, splashes of water, gusts of wind and movie magic like never before. The 3D goggles will introduce the spectators to a new, larger-than-life world.

Using high definition 3D video, multi-channel surround sound, high power blowers and hydraulics-assisted seats that move in perfect synchronization with the visual content, rolly-polly monkey Chikku takes you on a adventurous treasure hunt journey through the dense forest, enjoying the serenity and beauty of it and facing the challenge of deadly cobra and other stiff challenges at the end achieves is goal. Cinemagic 3D is an absolute family thriller that brings you the essence virtual reality cinema.

Wonderla boasts of India’s only indoor musical fountain where you can watch a colourful display as water takes centre stage and dances gracefully to the accompaniment of music and brilliantly choreographed lighting. This is followed by the enthralling spectacle of a hi-tech laser show. A not-to-be-missed extravaganza. Check with park assistants for show timings.

Hang Glider is an adventurous ride that takes the riders a trip on the air at a dizzying height on steel cables and glides down at speed giving a feeling of flight. The movements are computer controlled using a complex system of hydraulic lifts and pulleys, and ensures the international safety standards. The ride gives an opportunity to have a sight on the whole Wonderla and its surroundings.

This is a swing in a shape of a wooden craft as a gather of momentum; it swings to an arc of 1800, giving you an accelerating rush of adrenaline. Riders are safely harnessed in their seats. Not for the week hearted.

A new totally safe ride for small boys and girls where they have to walk along with a slightly elevated walkway made of netting on three sides. The essence of the ride is to maintain balance while moveing forward.

This ride is an absolute must for every visitor to Wonderla. A bogie that resembles a raft made of logs is hauled up a hill using a conveyor and taken through a tunnel. On emerging from the tunnel, it hurtles down a steep incline at a dizzying speed and splashes into a shallow pool, sending a glorious spray of water and drenching the riders in the process. This is the fun ride suitable for all the age groups.

This ride has 14 spokes arranged radically around a hub. At the outer end of each spoke is a capsule that can seat three. The spokes are raised and lowered hydraulically, while the whole contraption spins like carousal. Recommended age: 12 years and above. Not recommended for heart patients or people suffering from high BP.

Firmly straddling a 13-storey-high tower, the giant wheel with a diameter of 30 meters, gives riders a bird’s eye view of the park and its surroundings and the city beyond, as it slowly turns on its axis. Spacious lifts carry visitors to the top of the tower, which is a landmark that can be seen from miles around.

This is the ride for all the age groups where twosomes (or threesomes if you can squeeze yourselves in) are seated in one of the four capsules that emanate from a central pivot and are gently spun around as if in a waltz. There are multiple units.

Inside what appears to be a gigantic termite mound with a witch’s mouth for entry, are two popular rides – the Termite Train and the Termite Coaster. The Termite Train winds along a crazy track with sharp curves, steep climbs and dizzying drops. If that sound tame to you, try the Coaster. It will take you screaming, up and down hair-raising loops at break-neck speeds.

The Dungeon Ride is an intense and exiting ride though a dungeon hunted by its notorious jail warden’s ghost. The ride is based on a fictional account of a savage jail warden – Amarjeeth Rane. The ride explores the darkest recesses of a tormented mind and employs the most sophisticated computer technology to make the peoples blood run cold. This is one ride that challenges rider’s wits. This unique ride combines complex hydraulic and pneumatic controlled attractions and the entire attraction works automatically without any human interference.

Fasten your seat belts and go Crazy Car driving. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, jostling for space among co-drivers. But it’s fun for the whole family. The children will love it. And so will grandpas and grandmas. Wonderla has two Crazy Car tracks.

Crazy Wagon is the massive family ride themed like a horse-wagon. . It is an insanely oscillating wagon that swings in every possible direction. It moves to an amazing height of 21mt and appeals to riders of all ages, offering a huge orbiting sensation, with alternating movements of varying speed, both clockwise and anti-clockwise. The ride uses imported drive train and mechanical parts.